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빛, 바람, 아이들의 웃는 소리와 사람 냄새가 있는 그런 이야기들을 담고 싶은, 그냥 그런 엄마의 마음입니다.

Hi. we are mia ( owner/lead photographer/wife)  + insun( owner/office manager/husband) and
we are child and family photographer based in NJ/NYC area. We take photos and tell stories. ^^
Designers, film makers, mommy/daddy (two beautiful children) and we are Christians (we love JESUS! ).
Welove to cook, love to travel, and we are always spon·ta·ne·ous...(uh oh)

located Leonia, NJ

덜 갖는 삶을 연습하고 _ practicing simplicity
사진을 찍고 + 이야기를 만들고 _ Photographer + storyteller.
삶이라는 여행_조금씩 더 덜어내며 _ 가볍게 _ 살고 싶은 _ Mia + Insun.