our story: hannah's 7th birthday party

Hannah's 'water coloring themed' 7th birthday party was small but girls had lots of fun. This was Hannah's 1st 'girls party' and she felt so happy + special and it is enough for me to be happy + thankful.  I can't believe my little baby is already 7.  많이 준비해주지 못했지만 즐거워 하는 정원이 모습에 엄마는 행복합니다.  집에서 조촐히 만든 음식과 과일도 아이들이 너무 맛있게 먹어줘서 얼마나 고마웠는지...크크  정원아. 첫째이고 주원이에겐 누나이지만 우리에게 넌 언제까지나 이 부족한 엄마 아빠에게 처음으로 찾아와준 너무 이쁜 천사이고 아기 이다. ^^ 사랑해.

Activity: 1. painting master pieces 2, colored party hats 3. painted blank sugar cookies with food coloring and this was a brilliant idea from Angie. ^^ Thank you. 4. Ate Lunch 5. Sang birthday song 6. colored nails with sicker nail polish